The Christian Worldview

Don't look now, but your worldview is showing! We all have one. It is that set of specific ideas, facts, and opinions that we believe is "reality." It includes your belief about God, the physical world, morality, ethics and values. It is that which undergirds and informs your actions, decisions and attitudes.

Christians view the world, indeed all of creation, as the product of the one God's free creative choice. All space, time and matter has as its origin that one God. God is the supreme authority in all matters pertaining to faith and conduct, and is therefore the sole basis for morality. Indeed, it is ultimately irrational to speak of morality without God.

Human beings are sinners; that is, relationship with God has been broken and the results are daily seen. As result of this first broken relationship, human relationships are also disordered. Mankind is ultimately and by nature, idolatrous and self seeking, insisting on his or her own code of behavior and thought. The situation is desperate, humans are in need of rescue.

Jesus Christ, in His life, death, burial and physical resurrection, is that rescue. As a substitute standing in the place of sinners, He bore the wrath of God and revealed grace and truth. Redemption is by faith, or trust, that God is pleased to reconcile lost people to Himself through Jesus. That trust is evidenced by a life intent on following Jesus in deliberate actions and thoughts consistent with the truth about God and His will revealed in the Holy Scriptures - the Old Testament and New Testament. 

We at Christ Our Refuge Fellowship believe that we owe a debt of love to every person (Romans 13:8); to the glory of God we seek to pay you yours!

May we help you in the way everlasting?

  December 2017  
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