Our Beliefs

Mission Statement:

"Christ our Refuge Fellowship is a local expression of the universal body of Christ—the Church. Our neighborhood and worldwide mission is to testify in word and deed to the Lordship and gospel of Jesus Christ; exercising our spiritual gifts to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves, and to edify and encourage one another."


Doctrine & Confession of Faith:



There is only one God eternally existing as one being yet in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, each without beginning or end.


God created the universe from nothing, all things spiritual and physical; there was no preexisting material with which God made the physical and the spiritual, God being completely independent and free to do whatsoever He chooses to do. God is the uncaused cause of all that exists. We deny all theories of naturalistic or theistic evolution in the origin, diversity, and adaptability of the species. God originated and sustains all of the governing principals of matter and spirit in the universe by the exercise of His will and power.


Human beings are uniquely created in the image of God, both male and female, to represent Him, and to be his vice regents in the rule and care of God’s creation. Man is uniquely endued with a soul capable of relationship with God, with moral knowledge, understanding, and culpability, and capacity for worship. We deny all theories which affirm equality of all species, man being the pinnacle of God’s creation.

The Fall

The first man and woman (Adam and Eve) freely chose to violate the command of God not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, failing to resist the temptation of the devil, which appeared to them in the form of a serpent. They sinned against God and failed to exercise dominion over the serpent creature. As promised by God, death ensued, spiritual death which is relational separation from God and other humans, and the beginning of the process which would also lead to physical death and decay. We affirm, from birth, the truth of total human depravity, wherein every aspect of male and female—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual—are negatively affected by the fall. As result, man has lost all ability to freely love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, or to love their neighbors as themselves. Likewise, mans’ relationship to the rest of creation is in disorder, man failing to be proper stewards of the earth and its resources.

Jesus Christ

God the Son, from the eternal plan of salvation, freely chose to empty Himself of his divine prerogatives and status, and to take on the form of man with all of mans’ limitations, including death. He was born of the virgin, Mary, and was named Jesus, the name signifying his mission to save His people from their sins. He was in His condescension, His incarnation, one hundred percent human and fully in His life all that God intended humans to be. He experienced temptation, and the full range of human emotions. He performed many miracles, even raising some from the dead. He is our faithful High Priest, Prophet, and King. He offered himself up as a perfect sacrifice to the Father to satisfy God’s wrath against sin. As a man, he lived a sinless life, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was faithful to the Father, pleasing Him in all his ways. He was crucified by the Roman government, at the insistence of the religious leadership of Jerusalem, who rejected him as Messiah, and his divine mission. He died and was buried. He rose again three days later according to what was before hand announced about Him in Holy Scripture by the law and prophets.  He is presently in the presence of the Father in heaven, where He intercedes for His people. He will come again in glory and will be the just judge of the living and the dead. There is no other name given, no other way to the Father, no other means of salvation than Jesus Christ, the anointed of God. He is Lord of all creation.


Human beings are sinners; that is, relationship with God has been broken and the results are daily seen. As result of this first broken relationship, human relationships are also disordered. Mankind is ultimately and by nature, idolatrous and self seeking, insisting on 9his or her own code of behavior and thought. The situation is desperate; humans are in need of rescue. Jesus Christ, in His life, death, burial and physical resurrection, is that unique and only rescue. As a substitute standing in the place of sinners, He bore the wrath of God and revealed grace and truth. Redemption is by faith, or trust, that God is pleased to reconcile lost people to Himself through Jesus. That trust is evidenced by a life intent on following Jesus in deliberate actions and thoughts consistent with the truth about God and His will revealed in the Holy Scriptures - the Old Testament and New Testament. This is true repentance, without which there is no salvation. Salvation, from beginning to end, is the free gift of God by His Sovereign Grace and according to His good pleasure.

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  December 2017  
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